Using Your Voice

Hallelujah! The election is over, and for the next four years we’re all free from the constant TV ads, robot calls, canvasers, pollsters and pundits, all telling us how to use our voices to vote. Even better, millions of people all over the country, even those hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, found a way to use their voices about who they wanted to govern their states and country. This election may be over, but the mandate is still there – whether it’s for an election, or with your relatives, or in your primary relationships, it’s always critical to know how to develop and use your voice to make your needs known! Using your voice is also critical to finding common ground when considering other people’s needs. So, speak up and be heard! Listen, to hear other’s voices, so you can reach mutually satisfying agreements when you may differ. And now, Congress, we’ll be watching and listening to you…..

Susan Lager

PS. For more useful details about how and when to speak up, you can now buy my new workbook, “I’m Talking! Are You Listening?” Fix Communication Problems With Your Partner In No Time Flat! You can get the paperback and the Kindle eBook on the Store page of this site, or find them both on Amazon at:

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