Tom Brady And Coping With Stress

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As you may have heard, Tom Brady, the NFL Football superhero, was in a car accident today in Boston. It was really bad timing, not only for another person involved who sustained injuries, but also for Brady who has apparently been in contract negotiations for some time, and was possibly going to reach an agreement today. In the football world, such an accident, even if it wasn’t his fault, doesn’t bode well for Brady. He was worried about the other injured passenger, en route to a practice, and awaiting the contract outcome. An average person would have been totally freaked out, and not very functional after this particular sequence of events. But a newscaster said Brady wasn’t injured, and planned to attend practice, not because he’s callous, but because he has a remarkable ability to compartmentalize.

It made me think of this typical (more often male) coping strategy, and how double-edged it is. It so often disconnects people from experiences and context, and alienates partners, but also enables great athletes and others not to fall apart under stress.

I tell clients to observe the duality of this coping strategy, and figure out when it serves them well, as well as when it handicaps them, particularly in their relationships. How does it serve you?

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Susan Lager

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