The New Year’s Blues

I’m not going to start by saying “Happy New Year”, ok?  If you’re reading this blog entry, you’re probably bummed about facing your (tedious, overwhelming) everyday life now that the party’s over, and you’re not feeling very happy. Maybe you’re in good company with millions of people suffering from Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD), getting more glum as the daylight hours are diminished. If so, get the special light for that, and sit if front of it at least 15 minutes per day. It will help immensely. And cheer up – after December 21st the daylight hours expand bit by bit every single day until June 21st when it goes the other way and we’re all screwed again.

Maybe you don’t have S.A.D., but you drank too much, ate too much, spent too much, and overall had WAY too much fun during the holidays. If so, don’t worry – I’m not going to offer you chirpy advice about how to stay positive and get back on the horse. Go look EVERYWHERE else for that “helpful” stuff. Instead, I have two words for you to repeat to yourself frequently during the next week or two as you feel that dreaded New Year’s “back to the grind” feeling:

“SO WHAT?” That’s right, “SO WHAT?”

Unless you’re clinically depressed, (in which case the above doesn’t apply, and you should seek professional help), most people don’t die from feeling sorry for themselves occasionally. So enjoy your pity party, complain to all your friends and family, listen to their complaints, slog around, and milk it for all it’s worth, knowing that you’re “normal”, and in great company with loads of people. Chances are by mid January, you’ll get sick of the whole routine, and will be ready for the next thing.

Hang in there,
Susan Lager

PS. Stay tuned for my “next things”, which are my long overdue Ebooks and articles available for sale later this month on the “products” page of this website. You can get a “sneak preview” right now if you want.

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