Shifting Into Fall with Fun!

I was about to post about managing transitions when I saw this post from the Gottman Institute, realizing how relevant it was to my subject. I’m sharing it with you, hoping you benefit from all the wonderful ideas in it. Having fun and being intentional can be a vital part of dealing with transitions.
Stay tuned for my next (long overdue!) post about managing transitions in general. My husband and I recently adopted a rescue Lab, and have been doing our best to manage all the aspects of that transition, made more challenging by the fact that however adorable he is, he steals a lot off of surfaces – socks, paper, food, etc.! So, one major transition for us is to completely de-clutter to dog-proof the whole house. Ugh!
Tune in soon….
Fall Fun

Making plans to share time together as a family, and being intentional about it, can help you grow closer to your loved ones.

Rituals can help us to process our feelings as we move through life’s transitions and to stay connected despite the pressures of everyday life. If you neglect to come together in a regular way, you may miss out on the feeling of being emotionally connected. With the autumn season almost upon us, it’s time to make new memories and share rituals of connection. Give these fall activities a try or come up with your own ways to celebrate this season together.
Fall Rituals of Connection for the whole family

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