One Block Away

Good (almost) Morning!

Today was one of those bizarre days. I was already five minutes late for a lunch date with a friend and colleague, furiously rinsing my hair in the shower when the Gutter Guy shows up needing to know where there’s a leak in the new system. I race downstairs, wet and soapy, give him his instructions, finish the shower, and race to meet my friend at the cafe. We have a spirited lunch, while at the next table a previous client and his wife are openly attesting to the benefits of couples therapy with me, unfazed by our juxtaposition. Then I race into Portsmouth, and curse a “little detour” created by TV crews, onlookers, and police cars. I’m driving too fast to notice the machinegun-toting swat team, rooftop snipers, and bomb- squad robots surrounding a Greyhound bus on Hanover Street. I proceed with my day of clients, intent on their problems, while one block away the center of Portsmouth is being evacuated due to a bomb threat, possibly a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, one block away from that, my son is sitting in an outdoor cafe with a close friend sipping lemonades surrounded by throngs of shoppers and tourists happily enjoying the glorious spring day.  He and the entire staff have just been sent home from their mutual fund brokerage where everyone had been glued to two TV’s: one graphically witnessing the unfolding “bomb scene” nearby, the other documenting the inexplicable 1000 point three hour plunge in the stock market.

I say, it’s all a matter of perspective in life.

Sleep tight,
Susan Lager

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