How We Manage Hurt Feelings

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I’ve been stewing about something someone close to me said a few days ago.  It was something not  intended to hurt me, but it did, maybe because there was some painful truth to it.  None of us like having our shortcomings noticed and reflected back at us with glaring clarity. In my case I couldn’t help but notice my reaction of self-protective withdrawal, even though I knew it would be more productive and mature to talk it over with this person. I found myself feeling bruised and unworthy, and having more impulses to let go of the relationship. I started rationalizing this scenario, talking myself into a cocoon which no hurt or disappointment could penetrate. Then I had a flashback to a loving moment with this person, and realized I’d be “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”, that there were other options for managing my hurt which didn’t require me to go into exile. We all have choices about how we manage our hurts. A useful first line of action often involves some sort of engagement, rather than a disconnect, unless the Hurter acts maliciously or repetitively. If we can get our egos out of the way, there’s usually some possibility for us to learn and grow from the event, and often for the relationship to be stronger for weathering the storm.

Staying on course,
Susan Lager

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