Have Courage – Try New Things In The New Year!

Hello Reader,

Now that all your presents are unwrapped, (and hopefully, already paid for), the guests have gone home, (or if they’re leaving from New England, they are TRYING to go home amidst this post Christmas blizzard), the leftovers are in the fridge, (hopefully you have leftovers, and didn’t eat it ALL), you’re filled with more good memories, (hopefully it wasn’t a nightmare holiday), and you too, are looking forward to the New Year, with new chances to do better, or to just do some new, adventurous things.  As for me, I’ve taken the big plunge, and am about to go live with my first BlogTalk Radio show episode, “Radically Raise Your Relationship IQ in 2011”, airing on Thursday, 12/30 at 11:00 PM for all you nightbirds. The call-in number is 1-760-542-4114, if you want to just listen, or make comments, or ask questions. But please, go easy, I’m new at this, so don’t scare me off the air. The next episode after this, (if I haven’t run off to outer Siberia in humiliation), is in about two weeks. I should have a toll-free number, and a co-host yakking with me about some relationship issue. (I’ll keep you posted about the details, SO many people are SO shy, it will take awhile to find the intrepid souls who aren’t afraid to embarrass themselves). Oddly enough, so many of them have so much wisdom to offer!

So, other than obvious self-promotion, what’s the point?  Try new things in the new year, or you’ll get stale and rusted! I’m taking my own advice, and doing many new things, thinking, what’s the worst that could happen? Failure? Mistakes? So what? Unless we get hit by a truck, there’s usually more chances to do whatever it is better, or to let it go. Mistakes, as I say, are “valuable information potentially used for new learning”. Here’s to courage! Here’s to mistakes!

Gotta go help shovel, the snow has arrived, and the Snowblower Guy, my husband, probably could use the moral support.

Susan Lager

PS. Check out my website, How To Be A Better Couple, subscribe, and get a bunch of free information about relationship issues and tools. (Through this site, you get exclusive access to unpublished reports, and information of mine.)

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