Embracing Wellness.

“Here’s an article by Cheryl Conklin about good self care, generally, and especially during this pandemic.”

Embrace Wellness — Portsmouth, N.H. — Susan Lager LICSW, BSD

Embrace Wellness Now for Better Confidence and Positivity

It’s not uncommon to reach the end of the winter months feeling a little down. Lack of sunlight and long hours indoors can be hard on one’s well-being. Add to that the stress of the pandemic and financial concerns, and it’s understandable if you’re not feeling especially chipper right now. You may be wondering what you can do to recapture a sense of positivity, whether you’re prepping for some socially distant mingling or staying in until you feel safe. Tune out the messaging that insists you need to change who you are to feel more positive. Positivity isn’t about buying pricey products to become some other person or forcing yourself to conform to mainstream standards for appearance or success. It’s about becoming the unique person you are meant to be — and loving it. The best part is, you can do exactly that in wallet-friendly ways.

Make healthy changes for holistic well-being.

A lot of people give up on healthy decisions because they don’t see an instant change in their appearance. What they miss is that a healthy lifestyle makes you feel good long before you see any physical alteration. Whatever your lifestyle, make healthy choices such as eating well, exercising more, and hydrating better — not for the sake of some future projected self but for you, right now. Good food will make you feel more vibrant and energized. Exercise and fresh air will give you strength and confidence. Evaluate whether you’ve picked up unhelpful coping mechanisms, and see if you can replace them with cost-effective routines that enhance wellness.

Indulge in foods that nourish your body, as well as satisfy your palate.

Eating well doesn’t have to be about sacrifice and self-denial. It can be pleasant — you just need to figure out which wholesome foods you happen to like. Some people love kale chips. Some enjoy smoothies. Others want something with more of a crunch. Whatever your preference, switch out less nutritious snacks and meals for better ones. Fruits that are high in antioxidants, dark leafy greens, and whole-grain bread are tasty additions to a menu and also happen to be great for you. And remember you can always treat yourself to your favorite comfort foods, on occasion. If natural food is hard for you to access or afford, think about starting your own home garden, in your backyard or even in pots.

Look for affordable exercise options that fit into your lifestyle.

It’s easy to give up on exercise when it involves pricey gym memberships, driving to fitness centers, or repeating routines that make one frustrated. So pick a fitness regimen that makes you feel great about yourself. This might be something as basic as taking a walk and enjoying the tranquility of nature (though be aware of any public health requirements regarding distancing or masking). If you can’t get out of the house, exercise is going to be especially important for your wellness, so find something that gets your body moving and that you enjoy. If dance is your thing, look for some fun Zumba video workouts — these are often free online. If you prefer strength training, research easy home exercises you can do with just your bodyweight or affordable equipment such as resistance bands.

Refresh your wardrobe.

If you’re thinking of heading out into the world again, being happy with your clothing can lend you confidence. Even something as simple as an attractive scarf or stylish jacket can accentuate your look. If you’re trying to economize, look for online discounts and promotional sales. Splurging on stylish workout clothes will not only help you feel good about your appearance — it can also be a great motivator, whether you’re pursuing fitness outside or indoors. For stylish, comfortable, and affordable workout garb, check out online stores such as Lululemon. Use Lululemon coupons for discounts on functional yet fashion-forward pieces.

If you’re worried that you’ve put on weight or let yourself go during the pandemic, don’t focus on that. Instead, think about accessible and affordable self-care that will support your physical and mental wellness and prepare you to re-engage with the world — when you are ready. If you’re feeling weighed down due to past trauma, or worried about sustaining healthy relationships, reach out to Susan Lager for advice or to book a session.

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