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“Staying Positive While Looking For Work” BlogTalk Radio episode!

Newsflash! On Wednesday, October 17th at 8:30 PM EST I’ll be doing a BlogTalk Radio episode about this very vital and timely topic. My co-host will be Laura Rivchun, a career coach and mentor from New York City, who will share her insights about the issues people encounter, facing unemployment, and how to manage the process successfully. We’ll be talking about tools for maintaining a positive attitude and avoiding despair and isolation, as well as specific actions to maximize your opportunities to get the best work.

Don’t miss this episode! You can catch it live streaming at:  or call toll-free at: 877-497-9046 to just listen, or to join us live on the air with questions or comments. Either way, hope you’re with us!

“How Love Is Not Enough – Six Critical Factors To Evaluate” BlogTalk Radio show tonight 8/15 8:30 PM

Don’t miss my Blogtalk Radio show tonight at 8:30 PM! I’ll be discussing the six critical factors to evaluate when looking at how healthy or viable a relationship may be, and how people often delude themselves, thinking love alone will get them through. Here’s news for you: love is not enough!!!!

Call in toll-free at 877-497-9046 to be able to join me live on the air with questions or comments or stories. I welcome all of it!

If you can’t make the live show, simply catch the recording at:

Tools And Treatment For Negative Thoughts, Obsessiveness, And Anxiety

If you or anyone you know suffers from intrusive thoughts, anxiety, or depression, then tune into my BlogTalk Radio show tonight at 8:30 PM. My co-host is Louise Beck, LICSW, a psychotherapist who specializes in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. She also does training and workshops on the subject nationally, and internationally, so she’s the expert on this subject.

You can call in toll-free at 877-497-9046, and be able to join us live on the air with your questions or comments, or catch the show live streaming at:

If you can’t make the hour long show at 8:30 PM you can always listen to an archived recording of it on my showpage, “The Couplespeak Relationship Forum,” (same URL). I hope you can join us one way or the other! We’ll all learn a lot!

Susan Lager

Negative Thinking And Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Tools

If you are a victim of negative thinking with all its distortions and catastrophic themes, tune into my next BlogTalk Radio episode on Wednesday, July 18th at 8:30 PM.  My co-host will be Louise Beck, LICSW, a renowned specialist in this field, who travels the world training and inspiring people to use the time-tested tools of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. You CAN learn to manage your negative thoughts so they don’t manage you!

Call in toll-free at 877-497-9046 to join us live on the air with your questions or comments, or catch this episode of The Couplespeak Relationship Forum live streaming at  If 8:30 PM is past your bedtime, you can always listen to the recorded show at the same site when you’re more awake.

The Art of Doing Grey

I had a silly fight with my husband Thom tonight because he doesn’t “do grey”!

He recently got a new schedule at work, which gives him a long weekend, allowing more time for all kinds of fun, chores and projects. We’ve always  had an unstated agreement (maybe we don’t!), that the person not going into work will do dishes, make the bed, set up dinner, so the at-work person can come home to some order and calm, and something reasonable to eat. Basic thoughtfulness.

Because Thom doesn’t “do grey,” he gets all caught up in whatever he’s doing with a vengeance, and forgets to go to the bathroom, let the cat out, and unfortunately, forgets to do the dishes, make the bed, and prepare a measly meal. This time he even went to get some Vodka for himself, and was so excited to get back to his muddy lawn, he forgot to get me some wine. (I don’t drink much, but I enjoy a chilled white wine spritzer in the evenings.)

Thom lives in the Land of Black and White, where if you’re seeding the lawn or hauling rocks or planting tomatoes, there’s no room for extraneous, “grey” things, like meal prep, etc. It’s one thing or the other. So when I drove up, all tired and happy to see him after a long day’s work, up he comes from out of our woods, covered in dirt, yakking about his peppers, tomatoes, and grass. I go into the house which looks like a bomb hit it, dishes everywhere, no wine, no food, an unmade bed, and a totally unwelcoming scene. I’ll spare you the gory details. Suffice it to say, I felt unconsidered, unwelcomed. I was glad he’d had a lovely day, but will never understand why there’s no room for even half an hour of “grey”!

Do you too, live in the Land of Black and White, or do you too, do “grey”?

Susan Lager

PS. For more insights about how to live a mature life, with sufficient “grey”, go to my “Products” page for articles galore. 😀

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