Back To School (Of Relationships)

Hello Reader,

The summer is almost over, and once again I start getting an onslaught of calls in my practice for people who want “back to school supplies” of a sort. I don’t mean the pencil and notebook kind, but instead the tools and resources folks need to get back to the work of tending to their relationships as the warm weather winds down, especially here in the Northeast. We all have mixed memories about this time of year– mourning the loss of the carefree days of summer, and the excitement about the new school year, new teachers, new friends, new experiences, NEW SHOES!!!!  This same “clock” applies to our relationships, with the renewed energy in the Fall for beginnings. I’ll be writing about this issue with ideas about specific things you can do to refresh your most important relationships. First do three things:

1. Think about which one of your relationships feels a bit tired or neglected at this point.

2. Think about a few strengths in that relationship you need to dust off and expand upon.

3. Think about one or two problems in the relationship, the circumstances which fuel them, and what it might take to begin a remedy.

Voila!! You’ve just started your “back to school shopping”!  Now go back to the beach, enjoy the rest of the summer, and know you’ll be better prepared for the coming year in the Fall with a few more supplies….

Susan Lager

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