Are We Having Fun Yet?

As usual in June, I’ve noticed more cancellations for therapy and coaching sessions lately. People are capitalizing on the random glorious weather, and understandably wanting to leave their problems behind, and have some fun! The beaches are starting to get more active, the lobster joints busier, and the garden shops are humming. I love this time of year in Maine and New Hampshire as it comes alive with tourists and locals spending time and money enjoying themselves. The therapist in me has a word of caution, however:  Remember that “fun” isn’t just about where you are and what you’re doing, but whom you’re with, and whether the activity, timing, and unfolding of it  feels mutually desirable. Unless you love your solitude as “fun”, remember that “fun” is usually about something co-created and often negotiated. It won’t be fun for your partner if you jam something they feel is unsavory down their throat, like dump-picking, or long hikes in the woods in 90 degree weather.  Remember to negotiate what you both do, and how and when you do it! Then when you ask, “Are we having fun yet?”, you’ll probably get a resounding, “OH, YES!!

Off to the beach,
Susan Lager

PS.  If you have kids, try to do things you enjoy also. It will be more fun for all.

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