When Your Mind is Blank

Hello Reader,

Today was a productive, satisfying day filled with moving stories, courage and honesty. Earlier, I had all sorts of ideas to write about: betrayals, forgiveness, letting go, resentments, intimidation, fear, etc., but now nothing comes to me, my mind is blank! When I’m in that space it’s probably time to switch gears, and do something else, or just BE. Instead of fighting an internal state, it can be relieving and illuminating to honor it by observing it without judgment, dispassionately. So I’m staring back at the cat, and like him, noticing I’m all out of words. When you’re in that place you too may need to give yourself permission to do the Eastern, meditative thing, and just BE……

Sweet dreams,

Susan Lager
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About Susan Lager

ABOUT ME Susan Lager, LICSW, BCD I grew up in New Rochelle, a suburb of NYC, lived in Manhattan for ten years during college and graduate school, and escaped the madness for the wilds of Maine to be with Thom, the sweet man I'm still married to after 34 years. (We have an awesome 29 year old son named Alec who will run the free world someday). I knew I'd survive the relocation from New York when I discovered the scenic, historic little city of Portsmouth, on the coast of New Hampshire, with its winding streets, great restaurants, and music everywhere. I was especially thrilled to attend the Portsmouth Psychotherapy Institute, an offshoot of the B.I.P., where I did post-graduate training, and then went into private practice creating The Couples Center PLLC, doing psychotherapy, with individuals, couples and groups. In 2010 I opened a division of the practice called COUPLESPEAK™, providing live and online coaching, training programs, workshops, and written materials for people in different kinds of partnerships. I'm still passionate about the work, which is NEVER boring! My clients are courageous pioneers, and they've taught me lots I'll pass on......
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