I am a psychotherapist and relationship coach based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and the founder and principal of The Couples Center PLLC, which provides psychotherapy services to individuals and couples who are struggling with relationship problems and want more fulfillment in life.

For anyone wanting the more streamlined, strength-based frame of coaching Couplespeak™ provides programs and materials for married and unmarried partners, gay or straight, as well as singles and “ex’s” wanting to improve their relationship skills.

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Check out my blog where you will hear me think out loud about all sorts of subjects, some serious, some not so serious, all posts written in my own “tell it like it is” style. Get ideas, get inspired!

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Don’t know how to heal from the betrayal of an affair? Having problems finding common ground with your partner? Are you stuck inside your own head, not able to assert yourself with difficult family members? Then book now for some individual or couples online video sessions from wherever you are. Enjoy the privacy of time with me at your convenience, without the hassle of transportation or the risk of running into friends or nosey neighbors in a waiting room.

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Susan Lager

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