Understanding Women– Be Curious!!!!

Good Evening Reader,

I was on a supermarket line and happened to overhear two jocks complaining about how they were always clueless about what went on in their girlfriends’ brains, that females must be an alien species, and that trying to understand them was futile! It took all my self control to not put in my professional 2¢, so I forced myself to be quiet, but loudly had these thoughts:
1. It’s not rocket science to understand women, it just takes some study.
2. Don’t presume you know what your lady wants/needs. ASK!!
3. Stop going to the default position of Rescue and Fix. It’s well intended, but is
often misplaced.

4. Be curious, ask questions, show interest in her heart and her mind.
5. If she’s unclear about something, listen deeply for the encoded message by observing her
body language and her tone.

It may take time, guys, be patient and respectful, and it will become clear sooner or later.

Good night, and Good luck!

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