Organizations, Websites, Self-Tests

Below is a list of some of the organizations, resources and websites that have been particularly helpful for many of the individuals and couples with whom I have worked.

General Resources

- American Psychological Association Help Center helpcenter

- Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy

– The Gottman Relationship Institute

Minnesota Couples On The Brink Project

Gay Couples Institute Blog


Help for an Intervention 

– Online database for medication safety  

- New Hampshire drug and addiction information hampshire/    


Links To Self-Report Instruments and Personality Tests:

1. For an inventory of symptoms of psychological trauma  TraumaSymptomChecklist.pdf

2. Adult Attachment Style Survey                                                                                 

3. Dissociative Experiences Scale

4. Jasper-Goldberg Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Test

5. K10 Test for Anxiety and Depression,

6. Goldberg Bipolar Spectrum Screening Questionnaire                                       

7. CES-D Screening Test for Depression

8. Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST)

9. Myers-Briggs Temperament Analysis (brief version)                                        

10. Enneagram Peronality Type

11. Adult Personality Conflict Style Inventory

12. North Carolina State University Conflict Management Styles Quiz           

13. Where are you on the psychopathy spectrum? Take the test                           

14. What is your “grit” score? Take the test                                                         

Free Downloads

From time to time I will post Free Downloads from various organizations, including The Couples Center. Feel free to download, read and share.                                                       Here are some which may be of interest:

Daily Reminders of the Eight Key Practices Essential to a Happy, Fulfilled Life                                       Susan Lager, LICSW 

- Free Psychology Related Info on iTunes U

- “Top 10″ List for Couples: (forms of touch, affirmations, quality time, etc):

Couples and Money:   06.shtml

The Premarital Conversation:


Links to Useful Articles

Personal Experiences of Depression from BuzzFeed:

“If  My Depression Could Speak, This is What I’d Ask It”                                       

-  “13 Lies Your Depression is Telling You”

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