Depressing Things We Say

  • “You never know……”
  • “What next!”
  • “Here we go again”
  • “It’s always something!”
  • “Whatever….”
  • “Beats me….”
  • “I can’t win!”
  • “For crying out loud!”
  • “Son of a bitch!”
  • “Oy vey!”
  • “For the love of God!”
  • “Sue me!”
  • “Gag me with a wooden spoon!”
  • “They shoot horses, don’t they?”
  • “Life sucks.”
  • “Life is short, and then you die.”
  • “Why bother?”
  • “Who cares?”
  • “You can’t trust anyone!”

How often do you say things like this, and what does it do to your mood?

Think about it………
Susan Lager

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