Who is “Donotreply”?

Ever get an email from sender “Donotreply”? Well, I do, and whenever I get one, I wonder, WHO IS SHE? Why does she keep sending me messages? Did we ever meet, and maybe I forgot about it? Or maybe she’s been spying on me, reading my other email messages, figuring I need a little excitement. Maybe she’s a long lost cousin from Russia, a bit shy, wanting to reunite the family. Or maybe she’s a neighbor f**ck#ng around with my head, thinking I make her look bad, with all my regular speed walks. I wonder where she lives? Is she a cyber-creature lurking somewhere between the words? Or maybe she hides out next to the crumbs between the couch seat cushions. I go to bed at night wondering if she’s lonely and just wants to play. I wake up to find she’s sent me more emails: “Do this…… Do that……. Click on this link…….Go to this page…………”  (If nothing else, she’s very bossy).

I fear going to my grave, failing to answer this question: “Who is Donotreply?!!!!

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