The Little TV That Ate The House

It all started as a benign thought: Wouldn’t it be nice to actually see the news, not just hear it when I’m getting dressed in the morning? The old dinosaur TV was good for one thing – it was so big and wide that I could put my whole breakfast on top of it while putting on my makeup at the sink. I could even fit my morning coffee there! But alas, as I heard about all the craziness in the world on the news each morning, the reception was so bad that it was hard to make out who the nuts were – too much static.

So off we went, (I co-opted my unsuspecting husband into my TV caper), to find a nice new 32″ flatscreen. Because I’m fussy, of course it had to have 1080 P (or whatever letter of the alphabet they give for the most pixels. Up went the price and the search. But what a deal at $299! Put it in the cart, please. But wait! $299. doesn’t give you squat for sound, so let’s just add a soundbar with a built-in boombox,  so Dave, next door, with his $35,000 home theater will be impressed. What’s another $149. (reduced from $279. as an “open box” item)?! Put it in the cart! But speaking of “cart,” how’s the whole new contraption going to fit on the teeny antique side table the old dinosaur sat upon? Nope. Gotta go get a new “cart”.  Up till 3 AM researching carts on the internet. (I’m fussy, so a new one would have to match our bedroom furniture nicely, not one of those chrome monstrosities). Finally find a TV stand to the tune of $400., but oh, such a perfect match, and what another great deal at a 20% discount! So in between clients, off I go to get the stand. In the meantime, we realize the old TV cable box wasn’t HD compatible, and the new TV is of course HD, so off my husband, Thom goes to deal with Comcast for an upgrade. That was almost the end of Thom, dealing with customer service people in China to pick up a new box one mile away from where he works. Of course they screw up and turn off the cable service in the whole house, so Thom comes home to NO TV ANYWHERE, NOT EVEN THE DINOSAUR TV. (And on a Friday night with Thai takeout, Thom wants his TV!) After 3 hours of intercontinental wrangling, the service is back on, I walk in, overflowing with the new additions to our family, and I now sit here wondering “hmmm….. $770. later, why was it that I had to actually see the news?”

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