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This blog has been nominated again to be recognized, now in this competition by StartDating.DK, a Dutch online dating resource. If you enjoy this blog, learn some stuff here about how to manage yourself in your relationships, and want more people to find me and also get tools for better relationships then VOTE for me by clicking on the link below: https://www.startdating.dk/awards/marriage-relationships-blogs-award Thanks for your support! Susan Lager
In this 30 minute episode I explore the frequently experienced issue of standoffs or impasses in marriage – those times when couples get “locked in” to a negative sequence when nobody feels heard or acknowledged, and nothing gets resolved. These “lock-in’s” can be about critical issues of importance or minor things, but the feelings of frustration, anger, and helplessness generally feel quite awful for each spouse. Tune in to get some handy tools this couples therapist can
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(Here’s the second very good question Parenting NH magazine asked me recently): What are some practical tips and ways for parents to prioritize their relationship as spouses/partners? Most people know about the importance of setting aside quality time together through things like “date night.” Having a planned, ritualized time alone with your partner amplifies your “couple-ness” through shared experiences, reminding you about your reasons for choosing and staying with each other. I encourage couples to ramp
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      I’ve been nominated once again to be recognized for this blog, this time by StartDating.Dk, a Danish online dating information service. Marriage & Relationships Blogs Award. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE AWARDS: Marriage & Relationships Blogs Award is set up as a voting competition meaning that their users decide which blogger will receive the largest prize. The full amount of €300 will be divided between the bloggers according to the percentage of votes
I was recently contacted by Parenting New Hampshire Magazine for my thoughts about three big questions they have about spouses with children. I thought they were really good questions parents should be reflecting about, so I sent the magazine some of my ideas about the subject. I don’t know if my “answers” will be used in the article, but I thought I’d share them with you, my readers. Here’s the first question: Why is it
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I am a licensed, board certified pyschotherapist and relationship coach in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Through my psychotherapy or coaching services, I can provide you with skills and tools to transform your life.

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