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Who wants to get up at the crack of dawn, leave a cozy, warm bed, get into a workout outfit and head to the gym for an hour of exertion and sweating? Who wants to spend a Saturday doing the books and paperwork for their self-owned business, instead of listening to music, romping in the woods, or hanging out, eating and drinking with the people you enjoy? Who wants to come home after eight grueling hours at the office to walk the lonely dog,
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The most prevalent problem I deal with in my work as a psychotherapist with individuals and couples is the issue of how people talk to each other when they’re trying to manage conflict. And “conflict” isn’t always about big ticket items, like how to handle a kid’s bad behavior, or who is spending how much money. Conflict can be about who forgot to feed the dog or who did a lousy job declining an invitation
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A reminder that my blog has been nominated again to be recognized, now in this competition by      StartDating.DK, a Dutch online dating resource. So far, I have 66% of the votes, but not by many votes! If you enjoy this blog, learn some stuff here about how to manage yourself in your  relationships,     and want more people to find me and also get tools for better relationships then VOTE for me by
  On Wednesday, March 6th at 8:30 PM EST I’ll be airing this 30 minute podcast about a vital issue you and your spouse need to know about – the 4 biggest communication violations around conflict, their dire effect on marriages, and how, with some do-able attitude and behavioral adjustments you can avoid their negative cascade of effects often leading to divorce. Don’t become another statistic! Learn to behave better in your marriage, even when

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Susan Lager

I am a licensed, board certified pyschotherapist and relationship coach in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Through my psychotherapy or coaching services, I can provide you with skills and tools to transform your life.

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