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As is often the case, I got to bed late last night, all excited about some new developments in my work as a therapist and coach. Of course, I couldn’t fall asleep, so as I lay awake, instead of counting sheep, I began to think about all the people I care deeply about. I pictured each of them with fondness, pulling up memories of sweet times we’d had together, reflecting upon the things about each of them that I loved.

Then a big, (not so fun) thought came to me: how often or recently had I told any of them how much I valued their presence in my life? When was the last time I’d sent them a card or given them a call “just because”? I realized that if I got hit by a truck tomorrow, many of these people wouldn’t have a clue about how much I had cared for them, how deeply I had held them in my heart! (This part is not a good prescription for easy sleep – I wouldn’t recommend it.) So, after a fitful night, I decided that it’s probably a good idea to live one’s life as though each day might truly be your last – to not just embrace that familiar idea, but really DO IT. To me, that means telling and showing the people in my life whom I care about, how I feel about them and why – making time each day, even just a few moments, to honor relationships in this way.

I invite you to think about this as well. I know I’m not alone in this challenge. I wonder how the world might be different if more of us truly honored our relationships in this way, each day taking time to tell someone that we care about them?

Now, to sleep…..

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