Take The Long View

My husband Thom is going in for a colonoscopy tomorrow afternoon. “Ugh!” is the most apt description for the procedure that we both agreed upon. For me, the event evokes memories of drinking liters (not cups!) of disgusting gel-like fluid all night before the procedure, no food allowed, getting sick to my stomach, and feeling certain I’d have an accident in the car en route to the hospital. Then there’s the idea of a team of people probing around your rear end, hopefully to find nothing meaningful, and afterward, inconveniencing an adult to drive you home, then being the butt (no pun intended), of a bunch of ass jokes.

This is the kind of situation where the only sane way to deal with it, in my opinion, is to take the long view – to focus off the immediate discomforts and indignities, and focus instead on the big picture of good self-care, early detection if there’s a cancerous mass, and the ultimate benefits of having to shell out the copays for one’s expensive health insurance. Period.

There are lots of other events and circumstances in life which fit in this category: divorce, paying taxes, yard work, confronting a loved one about a hurtful exchange, exercise, proper diet, paying bills, getting to bed on time, cleaning the house, etc…….

So, as with the discomforts and horrors of a colonoscopy, trust that you will greatly improve your perspective by being wise enough to take the long view!

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