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Don’t miss my next BlogTalk Radio podcast Wed., 6/17/20 8:30 PM EST: “Strategies for Living More Fully Amidst the Covid 19 Pandemic”

Hello Reader,

If you’re reading this at the time it’s being written then chances are, you’re grateful to still be healthy if you’re not already sick, you’re missing loved ones you can’t get on a plane to see or grieving someone you’ve lost, you’re sick of Zoom as your main connection to your work and social life, you miss going to public places and mingling with people up close, you miss simple things like stress-free grocery shopping, you’re wondering who’s next to die, you’re worried about how long you can hold onto the job you never loved, and among many other things, you’re wondering if you’ll live long enough to see the vaccine which could change everything.

I’ll be focusing my next BlogTalkRadio podcast on these issues, and sharing my ideas for how to maintain some sanity through this crisis. Don’t miss this 20 minute episode!

Tune in live 6/17/20 8:30 PM EST with questions or comments at 877-497-9046 or stream the podcast whenever you’d like at

One way or the other I hope you can join me!

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