Swimming With Sharks

Well Hello Again, Reader!

I realize I’ve been incognito for awhile this summer. Guess why?  I work in New Hampshire, and live in Maine, on both coasts where we have alot of ocean, beaches, and now, of all things, SHARKS!!!! People who live in this area generally feel frantic to enjoy the measly amount of warm weather for maybe two months, so must of us play alot of hooky and head for the water. But this year, we have company in the form of 12 foot Blue Sharks, and Great Whites swimming along with us!  And I cannot bring myself to stay on the sand now that my close friend Kathy has turned me into what a Great White would consider a “seal lookalike” by getting me hooked on wet-suit swimming. While all the other (smart) folks squeamishly dip their ankles in the frigid water and run back onto the sand, there we are bobbing about in our suits for hours, cool and happy as clams, self righteous, oblivious sharkbait, surfers without the boards…..

Ain’t life grand?

Susan Lager

P.S. When (and If) I get out of the water, I’ll get back to you with lots more about couples on my soon to be born, (but now pesky) website HowToBeABetterCouple.com

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Susan Lager

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