Seasonal Affective Disorder

Right about now, every year I think I should probably pack up my pajamas, grab a cot and move into Home Depot. Come Spring, every free minute gets chewed up by trips to H.D. to get countless bags of mulch, new rakes, river stones, grass seed, bug spray, weedkiller, pavers, sand, annuals, fertilizer, loam, paint and various kinds of rented equipment like powerwashers, sodcutters and the like. And that’s just for the outside of the house!

It’s very easy to get totally overwhelmed reflecting on the dollars spent making Home Depot richer. It’s also depressing to see how each year it gets harder to recoup at night after the backbreaking home and garden toil. But as my husband and I hobble around for a garden walk afterward, scanning the fruits of our (slave) labor, we invariably “ooh” and “ah” in delight at the beautiful, orderly outcome. That’s the point where I also swear I’ll never do the mulching myself again, and where he takes an oath about never re-seeding the lawn himself again. We promise each other we’ll keep that promise. Till next Spring….

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