Royal Wedding Plans — Fairy Tale Marriage?

Well, the big countdown has begun. Every news station and newspaper is buzzing with excitement about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding later this week. TV programs like, “The Royal Wedding – The Women Who Would Be Queen”, and behind the scenes “Cooking For The Royals”, have dominated the networks.. There are surveys polling people about their interest, and likelihood of getting up at 4AM on Friday to watch the actual event. (?????!!!!!!!)

What I’m most interested in is what the MARRIAGE will ultimately look like! Are they prepared for constant boundary violations by the paparazzi and the press? Have they had enough practice managing their differences respectfully, like a royal mixing with a “commoner”? Are they prepared to define for themselves, in the face of all the boring, but expected royal duties, how their time together and apart will be spent? And how about being equipped, when it’s important enough, to challenge Her Highness The Queen, who is already miffed about William’s wedding plans? (Let them eat cake?) Not to mention the ghost of Diana and Charles’ grimly failed marriage, with Camilla always in the wings, and Diana’s tragic, untimely death, born of loneliness and rejection. Then there’s William’s role as child confidante to his mother — loving, but not the best model for future parenting. And Kate’s happy, upwardly mobile family, so foreign to William. And most recently, the prospect of irate royal guards, like the narcissistically injured jabberjaws who went public on Facebook, and complained himself out of a job.

Oh, the list goes on and on. The therapist in me feels really wary, but the romantic fool in me hopes that Love will conquer all…………….

Good night for now – I need to sleep on all this,
Susan Lager

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