Reserve Some Love…….

Using my beloved Mackey as a prop, I make a point about the effect of directing just a small piece of the affection you give to your favorite pet, to your (supposedly) beloved spouse or partner. (You can go to my YouTube site to see the whole video). The gist of it is this: I worked with a couple who were very hostile and nasty to each other most of the time. It was distressing to watch, and they weren’t performing! It continued until one day they got a little dog they both adored. Each noticed with surprise how much love they were able to so easily pull out of themselves for this dog, so together they decided maybe they could direct some of that same energy toward each other, maybe just 50%, nothing too fancy, just to see what would happen. Well, of course, once they became intentional in this way, the tone of the whole relationship softened, and they felt more loving and happy. Sometimes Action needs to precede Motivation, so, reserve some love and you’ll feel more loving…..

Signing off for now,
Susan Lager

The Closer Couples Coach

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