Relinquishing Control

Hello Reader,

We’re in the middle of (yet another!) snowstorm here in the Northeast, and as clients cancel their appointments, and I watch my carefully planned day dissolve, I’m reminded of one of the five things author David Richo in his book, “The Five Things You Cannot Change”, says you must accept in life: that things don’t always go according to plan. I’m one of those quasi-Type A personalities, always planning, going and doing, then more planning etc. I pride myself on being very organized, and try to be tolerant of all the less organized, less ambitious characters in my life. I like to think I’m in control, with all my plans, flow charts, and lists. Then a day like today happens, and I realize what a giant delusion it is– that we actually control almost nothing, except our attitudes and reactions to the slings and arrows life throws at us! For me, when I accept that fact, like today, when I realized that the day was about SNOW, not about appointments, I could finally relax and enjoy it. (I think that’s a paradox).

What are YOU trying to control?

Have a great day,
Susan Lager

PS. Check out the latest episode of my BlogTalk Radio show: “Sisters, The Good, The Bad, And The In-Between” It was a hoot! (You can listen to it from the webplayer at the bottom of this blog). Also, tune in live next Wednesday, January 26th at 10PM for the next episode, “Avoid Money Wars In Your Marriage” at: The Couplespeak Relationship Forum. It should be quite interesting……

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