Prepare For The Summer!

There’s a unique New England condition I call “New England Seasonal Affective Disorder”. It happens every late Spring as people begin to feel the exhilaration of the warmer weather, and the landscape coming alive again after about eight months of grey dormancy, and frigid temperatures. I routinely hear folks complaining about every weekend which isn’t stellar, and ramping up with anxiety about balancing the enormous “to do” list regarding home projects, with fun activities. My brother-in-law Joe says, “Move to Florida and enjoy talking and thinking about things other than the weather! Liberate yourself!” I think, maybe he’s right — what would it be like to presume glorious days every day, and not try to pack it all into one or two a week (usually during the work week)? How would it feel to be released from all that pressure and uncertainty? Then I think, it would be nice, but how about being surrounded by all that commercialization and concrete? To have alligators in your lakes? To have lots and lots of sharks everywhere in the ocean? To have backyards the size of a postage stamp? To have cockroaches and snakes camping out in your house and garden? To have gargantuan hurricanes for six months a year?  To have to be in great bathing suit shape all year long!?

No, I think I’ll stick with the bipolar New England weather, and just prepare for summer every year with angst, excitement and dread, savoring all the quirky joys of living on the edge.

Gotta go have some fun before the rain arrives,
Susan Lager

PS. Tune in to my BlogTalk Radio show on Wednesday, June 15th at 9PM EST (toll-free: 877-497-9046). My guest is Judith Rowan, a well-known sex therapist who will be discussing sexual issues in marriage with me. It should be very interesting!

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