Needing Love

My husband Thom, and I are babysitting for our son’s girlfriend’s guinea pig this weekend. The two of them, (my son and his girlfriend, not the guinea pig), went upstate and didn’t want to leave Graham, (the guinea pig), in the hot car en route, so the skittish little rodent is our house guest for the next few days. It’s already been an eye-opening experience – Graham, rodent though he is, needs love just like the rest of us! If he’s left in his cage by himself too long, he “sulks” by withdrawing into his little igloo house when coaxed to come out. He makes special “irritated” squeaks that guinea pig experts distinguish from the happy squeals he makes when he’s petted and held. When he’s taken out of his cage and allowed to hang out with the family, he gets perkier by the minute, and ends up “popcorning” around the floor, (skittering about with hops and jumps). When you hold him, he lovingly looks up into your eyes, and makes more joyful, purring type squeaks. He’s a first cousin of the rat, but this little guy needs love! And if an 8 inch guinea pig needs love, what about people?

Nobody likes to be taken for granted. You probably cuddle with your dog, pet your cat, and like me, get cozy with your guinea pig. How affectionate have you been to the humans in your life? How cozy have you and your partner been with each other? Are you withdrawing, and sulking in your little houses, or are you “popcorning” around? Think about it……

Gotta go love up Graham some more,
Susan Lager

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