Life, Death, And Taxes Revisited

I just finished putting all my tax vouchers into their respective envelopes along with the hefty checks made out to the United States Treasury, and Treasurer, State of Maine. (ugh!) Along with millions of others, I’ve parted with hard-earned dollars, and handed them over to Uncle Sam. It’s always with a mixed sense of relief, dread, pride, annoyance, and accomplishment that I get to this point every year – – the massive effort required to have all the needed cash available to pay out all at once, the cynicism about where my tax dollars are going, the ecstasy of being done (for now) with all the horrible tabulations for my accountant, my irritation with myself about not being more organized and streamlined in my bookkeeping, and my resolve to make it all easier next year. And then it’s “deja vue” all over again next April 15th. (I think this is the official definition of insanity – to keep doing what you’re doing, hoping for a different result!) Do you get where I’m going with this?

Think about your own life, and where you may be doing your own version of insanity. How and where are you doing the same old thing, hoping for new results? In your job? With your kids? In your marriage? With your addictions? Then, before you do anything radical in the change department, think about what you get from your bond with the “same-old-same-o”? What (neurotic) purpose does it serve? And what would you need to give up to take different action? Is it worth it?

So, like me with the same old tax script, you too may be able to “break up” with your nasty old habit!

I’ll check in with you next April 15th…………

Susan Lager

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Susan Lager

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