Just Do It!

IMG_0479Here’s another testimony to not overthinking things – This morning it was 14 degrees before we left for skiing, trying not to think about how we might freeze our butts on the slopes in the mountains. Instead, we decided to “just do it,” to go skiing anyway, knowing that, dressed properly, we’d have a good time and be happy afterward that we hadn’t decided to be sloths on this beautiful, sunny, frigid New England day. And, what a payoff! 15 degrees at the warmest, but beautiful conditions, and half empty slopes with people heading off to SuperBowl parties! Me, on my new shaped skis, “flying” down the mountain, even keeping up with my speedster husband who’s fearless on skis. What’s the moral of this story? Just do it! Don’t overthink things unless you’re a rocket scientist, or the “hassle factor” will allow you to talk yourself out of all kinds of joyful experiences. That’s right – JUST DO IT!

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