Indecision and How it Can Drive You Nuts!

The chocolate chip waffle cone or the coffee sundae? An action movie or a heavy Indie film tonight? Swimming at the beach later, or kayaking on a lake? (Here are some examples of the small stuff many of us sweat, as though world peace depended on it).

Stay in the cushy job with the nasty boss or find a position elsewhere involving less perks but more appreciation and respect? Go to a state school or a private college? Forgive your old friend their insensitive behavior or let them go and find others who feel more conscious? Stay in the tired old marriage, work on repairing it, or move on to greener pastures?

They’re all examples of the kinds of things many of us agonize over, stuck in indecision. The first group, however, are the kinds of decisions nobody would get killed over – so what if you get the chocolate chip cone and forego the coffee sundae? Whether you go to the beach or the lake, if your desire is to be on, around, or in water, you’re good to go, either way! But when indecision becomes a kind of “condition” those different kinds of choices all feel like a plague, creating a kind of frozen “limbo land.”

If you see yourself in this picture, don’t fret! I’ve just had another article published in about this very topic, with tips and tools for how to develop your “decision muscles.” And yes, the good news is that its not necessarily a trait you came with at birth – its a skill you can develop with some practice and consciousness. To find the article, “6 Practical Pointers For Being Decisive When it Counts” go to:  and stop obsessing!

(Or, if you can’t make up your mind, you could go to my “Media / Press” page to find the link, along with the links to all the other articles I’ve written, or for which I’ve been a contributing writer).

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