How Was Your Father’s Day?

For all you fathers out there, I hope your wives and children honored you on this, your special day. I hope you were reminded of how loved and needed your are, and how important your place is in the family.

Many fathers in our culture feel taken for granted or overlooked regarding their contributions to their families, as mothers are often more visible as “caregivers” to their families, even if they work at full time jobs outside the home. The nurturing role of moms is usually clear, with the role for dads, outside of helping to provide financially for their families, often less obvious. Rest assured, however, that dads are nurturers too, each in their own way. People who have had loving, engaged fathers generally feel that their dad’s presence was vital to the family unit, as well as to their own self esteem and growth. Daughters get their initial template for male strength and love, one which clearly shapes their future partnerships, and sons are provided with a model about how to be man, a husband, and a father in our culture. Wives learn with their husbands about commitment, perspective, resilience and teamwork in the raising of children.

So, if you’re an engaged, loving Dad, celebrate yourself today with the rest of us! (If you haven’t been engaged or loving enough, remember that as long as you’re breathing you can always do better!)

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