Finally Time for Some Fun!


It’s been way too long since I’ve checked in here with all you folks! It’s been a very busy Fall with new clients signing on, several of whom have been Discernment Counseling couples. Then on weekends I’ve been doing the “end of corporate year” drill, preparing tax figures for my accountant – one of my most hated things to do in life. On top of that, add on changing from Summer to Fall clothes, schlepping boxes down from the attic (I live in a lovely older house with pathetic closet space). Then, mix in Fall chores, cleaning up the gardens, putting away summer fun stuff (again, up in an attic, this time the one above the garage). Into the mix add on a new workout regime designed to strengthen my healing broken ankle – no fun there, mostly a torture invention on a Bosu Ball, designed by Janet, the Nazi trainer. (Only kidding – she’s a sweetie pie). Then, mix in appliance breakdowns needing repair, Fall soup cooking, and of course, the perennial website glitches, like, what ever happened to my damned footer????!!!! And, why won’t TinyMCE allow me to insert images anymore? Not to mention the newest problem with links! (Don’t get me going – the good, amazing news is that I got all the previous stuff done, AND figured out how to insert HTML code into my posts! Victory! Perseverance wins!

So, here I am, back again, happy to say hello, and ready for some serious FUN again. Let the games begin…..:-)


P.S. Part of the “fun” for me will be bringing you ideas about relationship issues and scheduling my next BlogTalk Radio episode with my friend and colleague, Meredith Richardson, this coming Wednesday, November 12th. Stay tuned for the topic announcement.

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