Egypt’s Quest For Freedom

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Along with millions of others worldwide, I’ve been transfixed by the daily struggles of the Egyptian people to cast away the repressive regime of Mubarak and his secret police enforcers. I too, was gleeful yesterday when news came out that he was stepping down, and that “step one” of the revolution had prevailed. I’ve found the parallels between this movement and the dynamics of a healthy self, and healthy relationships, very clear. The Egyptian people, just as most adults, need to feel that their voices are heard, and that they have power to effect change in their own lives. They need to feel respected and acknowledged about their needs, and not humored or stonewalled, as they have been. All people, contrary to the patriarchal thinking of autocratic rulers, need to have this sense of “agency” in their lives, and in all their meaningful relationships, whether it’s with their government, or with their partners. Over the course of time, this push toward voice and prerogative, cannot be squashed with healthy, happy consequences, in countries, or in marriages, in workplaces, or in friendships. So it may very well be Yemen next, and Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, and maybe someday even Iran, who knows?

What we can each do in our own small way is to make sure that we foster relationships with ourselves, and with all significant others, that honor voice and ultimately “freedom.”

What a Good Night!
Susan Lager

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