Down With The Flu

This photo tells it all. It’s the way I’ve been feeling for the last two days, and that, even after a Flu shot!

What a shame with such grand plans for a weekend x-country skiing on an idyllic farm in Southern Maine! Four inches of packed powder, new snow on its way, and here I am, blowing my nose, sleeping all day and night, and thankful for my ability to keep down tea and chicken soup!

When we get sick, it feels horrible, but the bright side is that it forces people like me to SLOW DOWN, WAY DOWN, and reevaluate how critical our ambitious little plans are in the big scheme of things.

It also gives our partners opportunities to nurture us with “holding down the fort,” (dishes, laundry, shopping), as well as providing us with comforting remedies like Ginger ale, flu medicines, and in my husband’s case, a big pot of chicken soup he learned how to make on his own!

So before the fever breaks, I think I’ll take it all in and try to flow with the state of sloth, knowing it only comes around once in a few years!

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