Don’t Know if You Should Leave or Stay?


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“Divorce ambivalence” is not uncommon when spouses have been together long enough to have experienced toxic, patterned struggles. Often, one partner ends up having more energy to work on the marriage, while the other partner is leaning toward a divorce. In that situation traditional marriage counseling generally isn’t helpful, as both spouses aren’t in a place of readiness for “tools” and “skills.” The process often creates undue pressure for the “leaning out” spouse, and false hope for the “leaning in” spouse.

This is where Discernment Counseling is a more appropriate service. It’s a one to five session brief treatment aimed to help “mixed agenda” couples come to a clear, confident decision about a direction for the marriage. To learn more, go to my site  then I’ll be glad to talk to you about setting up an appointment. You DON’T have to stay stuck in a stalemate!

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Susan Lager

I am a licensed, board certified pyschotherapist and relationship coach in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Through my psychotherapy or coaching services, I can provide you with skills and tools to transform your life.

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