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BlogTalkRadio Show Wednesday, September 19, 2012 8:30 PM: “Fix Communication Problems” Workbook And Other News

Tune into this next BlogTalk Radio episode to hear more about my new workbook, and other news you’ll probably find relevant. I’ll announce my upcoming 2013 Spring Webinar Series, and more radio shows to come.

Listen to the show live streaming at: The Couplespeak Relationship Forum or call in toll-free at: 877-497-9046 to join me live on the air with questions or comments. (It’s a short show, so you’ll have to talk fast).

Hope you join me!
Susan Lager

Fix Communication Problems With Your Partner Now!

Anything is possible! I’ve just published my new little workbook,

“I’m Talking! Are You Listening? Fix Communication Problems With Your Partner In No Time Flat!  An Original Couplespeak™ Workbook

It’s now available for purchase on the CreateSpace (a division of Amazon) eStore, and also available directly through Amazon, and other retailers, libraries, etc.

Who would have thought that I’d actually follow through and do this with all the levels of hassle, complications and time involved! My point to you readers is that if I can do this, SO CAN YOU do anything you set your mind to! Set your goal. Connect with your motivation. Line up your daily actions with that goal and motivation. Give yourself some breaks. Find support. Get feedback, and move forward!!

If you’d like to learn how to talk so your partner will listen, and how to listen so your partner will talk, this workbook is for you. It provides you with simple steps to accomplish this, and exercises to help you set the stage for success. And by the way, it doesn’t only apply in marriage or long-term partnerships. It also applies for any key relationships you have where productive conversation can get snagged. If you have a co-worker or a friend or relative you’d like to communicate better with, then this book will be a great tool!

Below is a copy of the eStore page describing the book. You can purchase it directly by going to my CreateSpace eStore below or directly on

“I’m Talking! Are You Listening?”
Fix Communication Problems With Your
Partner In No Time Flat! 
– An Original Couplespeak™ Workbook
Authored by Susan Lager LICSW

A seasoned couples therapist and relationship coach shares her secrets,  step by step, for better communication with all the people who matter.

List Price: $9.97

8.5″ x 8.5″ (21.59 x 21.59 cm)

30 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1469918846 (CreateSpace assigned)

ISBN-10: 1469918846

My CreateSpace eStore:


On my page:

“How Love Is Not Enough – Six Critical Factors To Evaluate” BlogTalk Radio show tonight 8/15 8:30 PM

Don’t miss my Blogtalk Radio show tonight at 8:30 PM! I’ll be discussing the six critical factors to evaluate when looking at how healthy or viable a relationship may be, and how people often delude themselves, thinking love alone will get them through. Here’s news for you: love is not enough!!!!

Call in toll-free at 877-497-9046 to be able to join me live on the air with questions or comments or stories. I welcome all of it!

If you can’t make the live show, simply catch the recording at:

Casey Anthony Verdict

One can’t escape the incredible news about Casey Anthony clearly looking like she’s gotten away with murder. People everywhere are outraged,  disenchanted with the American legal system, and also sadly feeling cynicism and resignation about the lack of fairness and justice in the world. Murderers get set free, while Willie Nelson gets probable jail time for possession of 3 ounces of marijuana. The world is upside down! Spouses who lie and cheat fare no worse in court than spouses who have been loyal and true. Life-long, diligent employees get muscled out of companies to make room for cheaper “twenty somethings” with questionable skills. Parents abuse their kids verbally and often physically without consequences. Drunk drivers slaughter innocent victims en route to work or a family picnic. What does one do to avoid pessimism and utter despair??

It’s really a matter of where you put your attention. Focus instead, each day on all the goodness, generosity, kindness, and love in your everyday life. Connect with the toll-taker, the clerk, the server, the mechanic, the teller, the boss, the neighbor, the friend, the co-worker. Be intentional about finding innocence, decency, good will, courage, humor, creativity, humility, compassion, and joy in all the people you encounter. You will find an abundance of all those things if you just look for them. Then, even with all its injustice and cruelty, the world will feel like a safer, happier home to you.

Susan Lager

PS.  Tune in to my next BlogTalk Radio show, “Communication Problems Gone With Simple Five-Minute Fixes” on Wednesday, July 13th at 9PM. Call in live to participate in the discussion at toll-free 877-497-9046.


Hello Reader,

We’ve all been glued to our TVs, watching with horror the unfolding tragedy in Japan in the aftermath of their most powerful earthquake ever. As I write this, I dread finding out about the death toll, the human suffering, and the likelihood of a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima power plant. Some of the aftershocks of the earthquake have also been huge with as yet an unknown toll on life and the Japanese landscape, and infrastructure.

I’ve been thinking about the dread and anxiety related to aftershocks, as a kind of re-traumatization. It’s reminded me about “aftershocks” in marriage and partnerships, and how an initial traumatizing event tends to reverberate in a way which can be entirely overwhelming, as I imagine the aftershocks are for the Japanese now. (I’m aware that a life or death catastrophic event is, in many ways incomparable in the degree of suffering to an event which is emotionally traumatic). The concept of “aftershock”, however, is familiar to anyone who’s spouse has had an affair, leaving a residual breach of trust, and “reverberations” in the way of new information about the marital history, which contradict history as it has been known. My work with couples who are wrestling with some emotionally devastating event, often centers on these “aftershocks” and how they jar the landscape of a marriage.

For anyone who is trying to repair the damage caused by some emotional or trust breach, my hope is that you appreciate the devastating impact of these “aftershocks”, and that you don’t rush to closure for your own purposes.

With much sadness,
Susan Lager

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