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“75 Habits For A Happy Marriage” BlogTalk Radio Show With Ashley Davis Bush 9/23/13 8 PM EST

Here we are at the end of another week. Has it been a loving one in your marriage or has it been the usual rut?

Did you kiss you spouse or tell him you love him?

Did you spend any quality time alone together talking openly about things that matter to each of you, or were you consumed with the kids, the bills, work, screen time or chores?

Did you make love or touch each other tenderly, or were you physically on separate planets?

Did you laugh when she said something cute?

Did you apologize after an argument?

If you answered “no” to most of these questions, then you might be in a marital rut!

You should NOT miss my next BlogTalk Radio episode tomorrow night, Monday, September 23rd at 8 PM EST! My co-host will be Ashley Davis Bush, a Huffington Post blogger, therapist, and the author of “Transcending Loss” and “Shortcuts To Inner Peace.” We’ll be discussing the goldmine of ideas for lasting marital happiness in her newly published book, “75 Habits For A Happy Marriage.”

You don’t have to go to the south of France to refresh your marriage. There are tons of small, everyday things you and your spouse can do to revive a wilting marriage or keep a happy one, happy!

Call in toll-free at 877-497-9046 to join us live on the air with questions or comments. We’d love to have you! If you can’t make it, go to The Couplespeak Relationship Forum on BlogTalk Radio, and you’ll find the recorded show shortly after we air it.

Happy marriage,
Susan Lager

BlogTalk Radio Show Tonight 9 PM EST: The Marriage Fitness Test. Don’t Miss It!

Tonight I’ll be discussing a brief test you and your spouse can take to determine how stressed or strong your marriage is. You then can hone in on the areas needing work in a targeted way.

Call in toll-free at 877-497-9046 at 9 PM EST for this fact-filled half hour show. You can just listen in or call in with questions or comments.

Hope you can join me! Your marriage will love it!

Susan Lager

Getaways And Your Sanity

At this writing, I’m on a C & J express bus to my old stomping ground, New York City, for a weekend with my little sister. I’m a strong believer in short getaways as a way of refueling, particularly if the getaway gets you away from your spouse for awhile. That may sound cold, but sometimes a little space has a big positive impact on a marriage. How, you ask?

1. You reconnect with separate friends and relatives on your own without worrying about the mix with a spouse who may not share your enthusiasm for jewelry shopping, lattes, and schmoozing.

2. You re-experience your individual selves which brought you two together. My husband will probably be doing yard work till midnight, watching the news for hours each morning, eating no vegetables except for vodka (made from potatoes), puttering around his workshop, answering no calls, and fondling his new camera he’s afraid of using. He’ll be in Introvert Heaven. I’ll be tooling around the city with my baby sister, bossing her around, buying makeup and doodads, going to museums if it rains, people watching, yakking with strangers, and eating every ethnic thing in sight. I’ll be in Extrovert Heaven.

3. You break up the sometimes oppressive routine of your life with more consciousness. In my case, I was amazed to see how many vitamins and creams and solutions and meds I take on any given day just to go on living! I could barely fit it all in my suitcase! I like to think of myself as robust and traveling lightly on this Earth. Apparently, not so….

4. You appreciate all the comforts of home in a renewed way. I don’t usually get excited about having a level, stable surface to type on, but today, with the bus jiggling and swaying, I’m realizing how special it is to have tables and desks to put my laptop on, and not worry it will go flying off into the yonder. Small things…..

5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Because I’m a bit morbid and fatalistic, I don’t presume I’ll make a safe return from ANYWHERE, so I kissed my husband goodbye four times, and hugged him as though I was leaving for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. And now that the bus is approaching the slums of the city limits, I miss him already….. 😐

Happy weekend,
Susan Lager

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“Become Relationship Smart Without A Lifetime Of Therapy”

Exciting News! My new book is out: “Become Relationship Smart Without A Lifetime Of Therapy”

I am delighted to announce that FINALLY my new workbook, “Become Relationship Smart Without A Lifetime of Therapy” has been published and is available as a paperback on Amazon! It’s a goldmine of tools and skills necessary for you to do better in any relationship. If I do say so myself, I think you’ll LOVE it! (I do). Enjoy!

You can purchase it now on my CreateSpace eStore at:

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“Be A Better Partner With Self Awareness” BlogTalk Radio Episode Wednesday, Jan. 30th 8 PM

Tune into my BlogTalk Radio show, “Be A Better Partner With Self Awareness,” Wednesday, January 30th at 8:30 PM EST. Call in toll-free 877-497-9046 to just listen or join me live on the air. In this episode I’ll explore the issue of how knowing one’s own hangups can vastly improve any relationship.

Using some key tools from my newest workbook “Become Relationship Smart Without A Lifetime Of Therapy,” I’ll shares some vital questions we all must ask ourselves in order to be more conscious and loving in our partnerships. To get the book as a guide, go to:

Don’t miss this episode if you want to get a first peek at some of the simple, but very important questions you must start asking yourself to have happier relationships!

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