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What Would Martha Stewart Say?

Hello Reader,

I have a confession to make. Deep down, I’m a closet Martha Stewart wannabe. One Chanukah-Christmas (we’re hybrids, and celebrate both, sort of), I got Martha’s “Entertaining” book, and sat in my pajamas for weeks mesmerized by the images of perfect standing rib roasts, elaborate pies, gorgeous appetizers, and eggnog served on antique dinnerware amidst roaring fires, in immaculately clean rooms, all decked out with holly, berries, and winter greens for the holidays. Of course, through the mini-paned windows were scenes of pristine winter wonderland Currier and Ives would have envied. This little trance lived on inside me as I did my best to recreate the pictures in the book. (It never occurred to me that my God Martha had teams of food stylists, set designers, landscape designers, air brushers and the like, to produce this illusion.) (I also failed to notice how smug and chilly and bossy she was, amidst the grandeur).

Fast forward 23 years, post child-rearing, (wonderful, but very messy), post full-time career as psychotherapist, (rewarding, but even messier), to second career as coach, writer, and speaker, (creative and stimulating, but the ultimate “unMartha”). These days, I’m older, and I’ve lost my innocence. As I still carefully arrange the winter greens in the vases, I forgive Martha for the beautiful fantasy, and I settle in the mushy Italian leather chair which really belongs to our cat Mackey, as I look for the remote hidden under a pile of bills, ready to watch the news about the world’s disasters.

Goodnight for now,
Susan Lager

PS. Stay tuned for my upcoming Blogtalk Radio Show, “The Couplespeak Relationship Forum”. (or I may rename it “Couplespeak With Susan Lager”)

Whatever the case, I’m sure Martha would have settled on a name by now….

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