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Valentine’s Day is Over. Now Build Lasting Love!

How’s this for a unique couples retreat?

Hopefully, those of you in committed relationships had a lovely Valentine’s Day, filled with sweets and loving exchanges with your special someone.

But now that the one day marking affection and love has gone by, it’s time to really dig in and explore all the daily ways you and your partner show and tell love for each other. This inevitably involves developing effective ways to manage conflict, when the rose-colored glasses come off, as you become a more seasoned couple.

Join the dynamic mediator and conflict coach Meredith Richardson, and me for a special Couples Retreat at the lovely Victoria Inn for an experiential weekend designed to build better connection, communication and reduced conflict.

We’ll have this cozy inn all to ourselves for this special event, Friday, May 16th through Sunday morning, May 18th, 2014.

For more information about registering: Call Meredith Richardson 207-439-4267 or email:

12/12/13 BlogTalk Radio Show 7 PM: “Hot Tips For A Cold Marriage”

Don’t miss this episode!I will co-host this show with Meredith Richardson, a highly sought New England conflict management specialist who works as a Mediator, Facilitator, Trainer, Conflict Coach, Collaborative Lawyer in Maine and New Hampshire, as well as a motivational speaker, Midlife Coach, and the creator of popular, transformative retreats. She’s a one woman show!

Coming from very different fields, we’ll deal with the issues of connection, communication and conflict in marriage. We’ll discuss how some simple shifts in perspective and behavior can can help to change a cold, distant marriage into a much warmer, fulfilling partnership.

Don’t miss this vital episode if you’re currently married, divorced, or ever hope to be married again – this time, happily.

Join us live on the air with questions or comments by calling toll-free: 877-497-9046

BlogTalk Radio Show Tonight at 8:30 PM EST: “Open Communication”

Don’t miss my next BTR episode, “Open Communication” tonight at 8:30 PM EST! It’s a short, half hour show all about key pointers to foster closer conversations leading  to more understanding between partners.

Open communication is partly about timing and the subject matter, but more importantly, about the use of language. Tune into this show and learn some vital tips in this area.

Call in toll-free at 877-497-9046 to just listen or to join me on the air with questions or comments. Hope you can make it!

Susan Lager

Using Your Voice

Hallelujah! The election is over, and for the next four years we’re all free from the constant TV ads, robot calls, canvasers, pollsters and pundits, all telling us how to use our voices to vote. Even better, millions of people all over the country, even those hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, found a way to use their voices about who they wanted to govern their states and country. This election may be over, but the mandate is still there – whether it’s for an election, or with your relatives, or in your primary relationships, it’s always critical to know how to develop and use your voice to make your needs known! Using your voice is also critical to finding common ground when considering other people’s needs. So, speak up and be heard! Listen, to hear other’s voices, so you can reach mutually satisfying agreements when you may differ. And now, Congress, we’ll be watching and listening to you…..

Susan Lager

PS. For more useful details about how and when to speak up, you can now buy my new workbook, “I’m Talking! Are You Listening?” Fix Communication Problems With Your Partner In No Time Flat! You can get the paperback and the Kindle eBook on the Store page of this site, or find them both on Amazon at:

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