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Good (late) Evening, Reader,

I’ve made a promise to myself to curtail my nocturnal activity, and go to bed earlier. (I’m not sure why, as I’m rarely tired, I just have bigger bags under my eyes). Anyway, the point is that this entry will be short and sweet, in homage to this New Year’s promise I probably won’t keep more than a week.

My big news is that hundreds of people have listened to the archived recording of “Radically Raise Your Relationship IQ in 2011”! And it was my first show, complete with a few obvious techno glitches! But I think the title resonated with a lot of people who just want to do better in all their relationships. (You can play it from the BlogTalk Radio icon near the bottom of this blog). The next show is this Wednesday, January 12th at 10PM, a slightly more user friendly time slot for my non-vampire and non-nightowl listeners. It’s called “Sisters, The Good, The Bad, And The In-Between”. I will co-host with my two spunky sisters, and we’ll probably fight about all the issues. It should be colorful, informative, and anything but boring! Tune in live, and you can participate with comments and questions on the air. The next show after that will probably be about marriage and money. I’ll keep you posted….

Sweet dreams,
Susan Lager

PS. If you’re interested in getting a series of my free reports about all kinds of relationship issues, go to my website and subscribe: How To Be A Better Couple

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