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Hi Reader,

It’s mid summer, hotter than Hell, and the perfect time for enjoying your hometown if you can’t get away. Here are ten tips for the perfect at-home vacation I’ll share with you:

1. Treat your home as a hotel for the “vacation” time.

2. Avoid all the usual dull, dreary, daily chores. Commit to not doing any dishes, laundry, or bills for now. If you don’t love cooking, get take-out or eat in restaurants.

3. Get unplugged. Stay away from email and phone messages. If you don’t want everyone to think you’ve been abducted by aliens, leave a friendly message on your machine saying you’re “vacating”.

4. Do some research with your Significant Other about events and resources in your area.

5. Divide the time up, and take turns treating eachother to special days playing “tourists”, each taking initiative on your day for all the plans and logistics.

6. Commit to going to some new places you haven’t been before, or new activities to you both.

7. If your self-care routines usually feel like drudgery, relax. Have an extra glass of wine or miss a workout. It won’t kill you.

8. Connect with some friends in a new way. Remember, now you have the time.

9. Sleep late if you want. Relax all your rules.

10. Talk about things close to your heart. Avoid hot-button issues.

Before you know it, you’ll be on “island time” having a wonderful vacation without the worry about your plane getting hijacked, your passport getting stolen, or your wallet getting depleted. Enjoy!

Happy trails,
Susan Lager

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