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I’ve been thinking about people who are obviously happy, moving steadily toward their goals, and experiencing success in their endeavors. (Hopefully I’m somewhere on that list too…) It’s given me the idea for a next article called “Think Like An Athlete and Radically Change Your Marriage”.  Mind you, I know very little about the mechanics of professional sports, can barely tell the names attached to the sport, i.e.:

Are the Bruins hockey or football? It’s pathetic, but I do somehow know a thing or two about sports psychology, that’s right up my alley! So here’s a sports tool you can easily use in your own life, even if you’re not about to attempt your own bobsled run in the olympics:

AFFIRMATIONS:  An affirmation is a positive declaration of a condition you’d like to exist, stated positively in the present tense, using the personal pronoun “I”.

For example:

I enjoy weekends with my partner.
I love my husband’s cooking efforts.
I feel happy in our new home.
I enjoy teamwork with my spouse.
I deserve my partner’s attention.

It may seem hokey, but affirmations are a great tool to prime your brain for relationship success through positive visualizations. Try it!

Susan Lager

P.S. My new website will be live this week, finally! Go there and you’ll have access to articles and lots more upcoming information about relationship success. How To Be A Better Couple

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