A Special Birthday

I had (another!) birthday yesterday. I won’t post the actual number because it still feels surreal, but I will say that once I got over the narcissistic injury of being so old, I had a terrific day! I decided to take my own advice, and accept the new challenge of appearing on someone else’s radio show in an actual radio station studio. It was the Seacoast Promo Radio 1540 WXEX AM. We did a piece about couples managing in the new economy, and how to stay afloat financially, emotionally and maritally. ← (a word?). It turned out to be lots of fun, and as I say, nobody got killed.  So, even on your birthday it’s a good idea to try new things, especially if your birthday number makes you feel ancient! There’s always room to grow and change.

The rest of the day was marked by self-honoring, (doing things I love to do, getting myself a few small gifts, following my own impulses, releasing myself from the usual disciplined drill of rigorous exercise and healthy eating), and being gifted and treated like a queen by the people I love.  All in all it was a very sweet day. Then I arrived at the same conclusion I do every single year: Why do we reserve days like this for only birthdays, and maybe Mother’s or Father’s Day?!!!!  My thought – do it once a month! Or maybe once a week! But certainly treat yourself as special, and the people around you as special regularly!

Susan Lager

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