2011 Year In Review

We’re at that point we get to each year when we’re bombarded with images in the media of the past year. We note infamous crimes, acts of heroism, deaths, political highs and lows, social events, foreign developments, economic swings, etc., etc. Because I’m a psychotherapist and coach, my version of the Year  In Review is, of course, one that focuses on the external and internal emotional events which have marked people’s lives. (Any surprise there?)

If you’re doing your own 2011 Year In Review you could either reflect back upon:

  • how much money you made or didn’t
  • how many sick days you took off from work
  • how many vacations you went on and if they were worth much
  • how much weight you gained or lost
  • if you finally stopped smoking or not
  • if your spouse drove you crazier than ever
  • which friends let you down
  • if you got your house de-cluttered
  • who got divorced after a messy affair
  • who died young

(Blah, blah, blah….)

Or you could do this kind of Year In Review:

  • what were my major accomplishments at work?
  • what positive steps did I take in my marriage?
  • how was I more thoughtful and loving to my family?
  • did I do any better at setting appropriate limits around time asked of me?
  • how well did I take care of myself physically?
  • did I expand myself intellectually and spiritually?
  • what major lessons did I learn in 2011?
  • did I have enough fun this past year?
  • did I stand up for what’s important to me?
  • what did I model for my children?
  • was I a generous enough friend to the people I care about?
  • whose accomplishments brought me joy?

Get the difference? After you have (hopefully) chosen the latter set of reflections, you have a beginning template for an even better 2012!  I’ll go into more detail about that part in my next entry. Gotta wrap some more presents.

Happy Holidays! Happy End of 2011!

Susan Lager

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      Susan Lager


      Thanks for your kind words! Stay tuned for more posts….

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