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Benefit from my many years of training and experience  working with thousands of individuals and couples.

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Ideal for engaged or retiring couples, new parents, or second marriages

(Four 1 hour per couple private, in-office or remote sessions):

*Call 603-431-7131 or email to purchase

With my help you will:

Learn the critical “6 C’s” essential to good partnerships:

  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Connection
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Creativity

Establish realistic expectations for change and growth

Create your own blueprint for a healthy, committed relationship

Set up a collaborative action plan for “6 C’s” goals

Acquire new tools to maximize relationship growth and joy

Review progress and make necessary revisions


For committed couples grappling with disconnection, disappointments or boredom; couples facing major life changes or couples stuck in conflict 

(Six 1 hour per couple private, in-office or remote coaching sessions):

*Call 603-431-7131 or email to purchase

We will work together to:

  •  Identify the core strengths and challenges in your marriage using my popular assessment tool, The Couplespeak™ Marriage Fitness Test
  •  Set goals for change in specific behaviors, attitudes, or dynamics
  •  Develop a collaborative action plan for change, building upon areas of strength, identifying obstacles to overcome
  • Sharpen your communication skills using a copy of  my new workbook, “I’m Talking! Are You Listening?” Fix Communication Problems With Your Partner In No Time Flat!
  •  Practice new techniques to manage differences respectfully
  •  Explore “internal scripts” effecting behaviors, using my original article
  •  Explore one or two new bonding activities
  •  Evaluate progress, make adjustments, and anticipate setbacks