Sunday Night Party

Hi Reader,

I had the best Spontaneous End of The Weekend Bash last night ever! I’d highly recommend it as a useful “reframe”. Here’s the recipe for mine:

— one part lazy gardening earlier in the day, no broken back

— one part Food Network grilled pork with Blackberry-jalapeno glaze

— one part couscous-stuffed peppers with basil sauce (from the garden of no broken back)

— one part warm, messy kitchen

— one part happy husband watching the sunset over his arugula plants, martini in hand

— one part happy son with happy girlfriend, laughingly making coconut mojitos

— one part Yo-Yo Ma playing cello

— one part louder laughter as son’s friend, the supreme character, joins the crew

— one part competitive storytelling

— five parts love

Shake together till blended, and enjoy!

Goodnight for now,
Susan Lager

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