An Antidote To Poison Thoughts

Hello Reader, For the third time in a single day, the evil thought insinuates itself in my brain: “Your life will never be easier, never, ever……….”  (Here’s the short version of the context): – a second disaster at the same ATM in one week resulting in another chewed up deposit – a kid hurling a rock through my office window in the middle of a session – my car needs to be registered, now! – I’m two weeks late mailing my nephews’ birthday presents, I’m a bad aunt….. Need I say more? So what do I do when the poison self-talk seeps in? (while I’m stuck in a traffic jam on the bridge under construction)? I roll up the windows and at the top of my lungs shout:  POISON WORDS!  POISON WORDS!  POISON WORDS!  And before I can reach the final part of the antidote (challenge the deletions and distortions:  Never easier? Easier than what? Ever? Your whole life?), I’m laughing out loud at my own drama. It’s a grade B movie. Get over yourself, Susan. So what are your poison words? Wishing you a more pleasant ATM visit, Susan Lager PS.  Check out my latest published article about forgiveness after an affair at: PSS.  Also check my poll at the bottom of the blog and enter your answers!

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